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OSCam Güncel Oscam 11689 for vps compiled by Thor2013


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21 Tem 2020
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I decided to compile for those who want the oscam version 11689 for vps x64 bit ...

Unix starttime: 1615587879
Starttime: 12.03.2021 22:24:39
Version: oscam-1.20_svn-r11689
Compiler: x86_64-linux-gnu
Box type: generic (generic)
PID: 960
TempDir: /tmp/.oscam
GBox tmp_dir: not defined using: /tmp/.oscam
ConfigDir: /var/oscam/

Web interface support: yes
LiveLog support: yes
jQuery support intern: yes
Touch interface support: no
SSL support: no
DVB API support: yes
DVB API with AZBOX support: no
DVB API with MCA support: no
DVB API with COOLAPI support: no
DVB API with COOLAPI2 support: no
DVB API with STAPI support: no
DVB API with STAPI5 support: no
DVB API with NEUTRINO support: no
DVB API read-sdt charsets: yes
Irdeto guessing: yes
Anti-cascading support: yes
Debug mode: yes
Monitor: yes
Loadbalancing support: yes
Cache exchange support: yes
Cache exchange AIO support: yes
CW Cycle Check support: yes
LCD support: no
LED support: no
Clockfix with realtime clock: no
IPv6 support: no

camd 3.3x: no
camd 3.5 UDP: yes
camd 3.5 TCP: yes
newcamd: yes
CCcam: yes
CCcam share: yes
gbox: yes
radegast: no
scam: yes
serial: no
constant CW: no
Pandora: no
ghttp: no

Reader support: yes

Nagra: yes
Nagra Merlin: yes
Irdeto: yes
Conax: yes
Cryptoworks: yes
Seca: yes
Viaccess: yes
NDS Videoguard: yes
DRE Crypt: yes
Bulcrypt: yes
Griffin: yes
DGCrypt: yes

cardreader_phoenix: no
cardreader_drecas: no
cardreader_internal_azbox: no
cardreader_internal_coolapi: no
cardreader_internal_coolapi2: no
cardreader_internal_sci: no
cardreader_sc8in1: no
cardreader_mp35: no
cardreader_smargo: no
cardreader_pcsc: no
cardreader_smartreader: no
cardreader_db2com: no
cardreader_stapi: no
cardreader_stapi5: no
cardreader_stinger: no

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