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16 May 2021
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NCam 5.6-r2 (official)

- Remove Gbox protocol.
- Support CCcam 2.3.8 and 2.3.9 (Server/Client).
- Fixes for Newcamd Stealth.
- Add select menu Stealth mode for readers (Default NCam).
- Fixes for Skip CWs cheksum for Nagra/Seca.
- Some changes in dvbapi_set_section_filter for dvn.
- Small change with ECM table for dvn (DVBAPI).
- Update init and do ECM for reader-jet.
- Update decrypt_cw_ex for StreamGuard.
- Fix small BUG for readers internal/external.
- Fixes for WEBIF selectd MGcamd reader (newcamd server emulate).
- Added new builds for: Huawei HQ556a, Dreambox DM9x0 UHD and ONE|TWO, James Donkey DUO, Vu+ Zero|Uno|Duo|Solo|Ultimo 4K, Openpli 4.0 'Gigablue, Dream, Vu+, Xtrend, Formuler'.
- Minor fixes for lower CPU/RAM consumption.
- Internal adjustments for better Cache/CW CYCLE performance.
- Small fix for smoother zapping with NCam protocol.
- Updated sample and configuration files with a bit more detail.

Ncam settings web:

Ncam Admin Control: (192.168.x.x or
user: root
password: ldteam

Important: Change xxxxxxxxxx (0-9 and A-F) on the NodeID (Important to respect all 16 characters).

Change serverip (CCcam) 192.168.xx.xx to the ip of the receiver.

Change extended_cw_api in ncam.conf (Use 1 for ARM (OE2.2), use 2 MPISEL (OE2.0)).

Change in ncam.conf max_time, cw_cache_size and cw_cache_memory:

max_time = 18 // The time that the ECMs are going to be ‎Keep in the cache‎.
cw_cache_size = 8000 // CW cache count Max storage size (Affects the CPU (don't set a value too high)).
cw_cache_memory = 16 // MBs max. memory used for CW cache size (Affects the RAM, don't set a value too high).

Config: /var/tuxbox/config
SoftCam.Key: /var/tuxbox/config

SoftCam.Key Not included!!
The emulator is inactive by default.