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11 Şub 2021
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- all versions allowed (servers and cache)
- strip N limit
- strip C limit

## r82-hellboy-V56
- [FIX] styling fix for SIDlist
- [FIX] fixed iptables: Index of deletion too big.
- [ENH] all tables witch are scrollable the header will stay still
- [ENH] all tables has uniform styling (no more so ugly as before)
- [ENH] added Chanel Name for sid status table on SID:PRVID:ECMLEN mouse over
- [ENH] added search and replace functionalities to editor
- [ENH] added Total NewCamd Clients and Total Rules in Failban to Info on Homepage
- [ENH] added last modify DateTime and since day:hour:minutes:seconds live counter on Editor Page
- [ENH] added of missing sort functionality on used profiles
- [ENH] added server cacheex cache mouseover label info, as new parameter { label=xxx } # max length 64
- [ENH] hostresolver changed to prevent memleaks
- [FIX] little memleak (not the hostresolver) found and fixed
- [ENH] added and fixed radegast client now you can use R lines with oscam Note: recommended only for internal use (LAN)
- [FIX] buffer overflow found and fixed
- [FIX] CS378X protocol lines fixed
- [FIX] iptables Remove all the rules starting from one point was fixed
- [ENH] by user break and or segfault of HB process will be close the connections with servers and users
- [FIX] if the new hostresolver fail, then the old one will take place
- [FIX] servers with old kernel could not read and calculate the CPU Usage Average: on home page, so removed only on older kernels

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